Cara meresize dan merotate gambar

Cara me-resize gambar



1. Buka file yang akan di resize, File>Open

2. Klik pada kolom image lalu pilih image size/ctrl+alt+i

3. Lalu tulis ukuran file yang akan diganti

4. Setelah selesai lalu klik OK



Cara me-rotate gambar


1. Buka file yang akan dirotasi File>Open

2. Jika file yang akan dirotate masih di lock maka unlocklah dengan cara klik pada bagian layer, lalu klik 2 kali pada layer gambar anda

3. Klik ctrl+t lalu rotate gambar anda

4. Klik button move tool

5. Klik Apply



Computer 1st Project

Today I’d like to post about our first computer project which is Photoshop and now I realize how smart people that using Photoshop because it’s really really confusing haha there you go~

Explanation :

Name: Write the name of the image file.
Present : To specify the size of image you may either use
preset or width height option.
Width : set for width worksheets.
Height : set for height worksheets.
Resolution: refers the number of pixels per inch.
Pixel is a single point in a graphic image and a pixel can
have only one colors.
Color mode : set type color.
RGB (Red, Green, Blue) use for desktop.
CMYK ( Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, key(black)) use print images.
Background Contents : set color Background.